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Evoke the Extraordinary

The Autumn Summer Story

     Hi all, this is Ryan, the founder of Autumn Summer. Thanks for taking the time to watch our behind the scenes story. This quick goes into what we make, how we make it, and most importantly, why we do what we do

Here is a transcription if you'd like to follow along:

     "What if products you use everyday don’t need to be ordinary? What if they could evoke something extraordinary? What if each object had story, a soul?

     When I was 12 years old I was diagnosed with depression, and its something that has effected me every day, to this day.

     Living with depression has easily been the hardest part of my life, but fortunately depression can drive people to pave their own path, and do something creative. It drives me to live with passion, and put that passion into everything I create.

     The best part of making something by hand is that I get to put my heart, my story into everything I make. And YOU add a little bit of your story each day that you use it. No matter how many times we make a Bocote wood tie clip, it will never be exactly the same.

     That’s the soul. That’s the story. Those are the things in our lives that can add a little bit of happiness to our day.

     The Autumn Summer team is 100% American based, and hand crafts gifts for men that showcase the story of our world. No stains. No dyes

     We make an effort to leave the world a better place than we found it, which means that our products don’t bring any harm, in any way, to our environment.

     I’m really proud of the fact that after years of work, our full line of products can positively impact every part of your day. Whether it’s handmade soaps before work, hand thrown whiskey glasses after work, or any time in between.

     My name is Ryan Herbstsomer, and I founded Autumn Summer to create gifts for men that have meaning. To put my story into your hands.

     So sport your wooden bowtie at the office. Keep your thoughts in handmade journal. And use a wood pen over a BIC. Use something with (story).

     It’s scientifically proven that EXPERIENCES make us happier than things. But what if everyday things could evoke something so extraordinary, that they are an experiance themselves?

You tell me."

     Thanks for sticking around! Hopefully you can see why we do what we do each day. Your business means the world to us, and from the whole Autumn Summer team: Thank you. 

     Take a look through our shop, be kind, and enjoy the rest of your day. 

- Ryan

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