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handmade in the USA by hands like yours     Welcome to Autumn Summer! We have found that many craftsmen and women prefer creating over selling, and therefore its hard for them to get their work in front of people like you: who love all things handmade. That's where we come in.
     Our products have been, and always will be made in America by small business owners and artists, including us. No matter how much more profit there is in importing mass produced products, we do our part to support the arts and turn starving artists into thriving artists. 

sustainably harvested wood and leather gifts for men     So, what type of dyes do we use in our woods? None. Stains? Nada. The world has a huge array of beautiful trees, and we can't find a reason to stray away from the naturally beautiful woods. Check each individual product to see if it came from South America, Africa, or even a few miles down the road from you.

     Our woods and leathers are acquired from naturally sustainable sources. We never use trees on the endangered species list, and no animals are harmed to craft our leather products. 
its the little things that make us happy     Good music won't pay your bills. It won't stop your boss from calling you on the weekend, nor will it add one more glass to your empty bottle of wine. It can however, make your day, the good and the bad, much more enjoyable. 
     It's these little things - that make our lives up to 10% better - that can make all the difference in the world. So let's enjoy them. 
     Open your beer with a handmade bottle opener. Use a wood pen over a BIC. And please... please... enjoy your Starbucks latte. Life is short. Let's be happy.

Pen Engraving
How to engrave a pen: